Thursday, August 5

This Really Would Have Been Awesome for Me Back in 1995-97 When I Loved General Hospital

School-aged fans of daytime soap operas in the Lake Superior school district were thrilled to learn that the state approved a proposed plan to allow the district to operate on a 4-day per week calendar. In addition to some other stuff, this means that young fans of daytime dramas will not have to sit in useless classes while the Friday cliffhanger episodes of their favorite soaps are airing.

While this is great news for ABC, who is sure to see a ratings spike in northeast Minnesota, even though its shows are terrible in every way now; it's too little too late for other networks. NBC Daytime executive, Phillip Weaver, applauded the new academic calendar, but noted, "It's just a shame it didn't happen a few years ago when this might have saved Passions. It could have made all the difference. As it is, we'll always be left to wonder what hijinks Tabitha is up to, and if Theresa is still crying literally every single day."