Thursday, November 19

Pet hotel opens in Duluth to much excitement from the pet community

After months of anxious anticipation, area pets were finally able to walk through the doors of Duluth's new pet hotel. The Pet Hotel Duluth staged its grand opening last week and welcomed its first 50 guests.

Initial reactions were uniformly positive. Riley, a yellow lab from Piedmont, showed his delight upon seeing his 450 square foot suite by staring blankly into middle space and then sniffing the carpet. The suite features a king bed, a jacuzzi, a television that shows continuous footage of a squirrel running around in the woods, and an automatically self-refilling crystal bowl of Perrier.

Shadow, a cat from East Duluth, was awed from the moment she walked into the lobby. No doubt it was the elegant chandeliers and Edwardian decor that caused an impressed Shadow to lazily stretch her legs before attempting to eat one of the imported potted plants.

Pet Hotel Duluth rates range from $190 to $875 per night, and the next four months are already completely booked. Owners who check their pets in say that the price is more than worth paying just to see the happiness on their pets' faces as they wander aimlessly around unfamiliar rooms. The looks on Riley and Shadow's faces certainly attest to this, in that they cannot be conclusively determined not to be indicative of joy and appreciation.