Monday, September 3

Improvements Sought at Thompson Hill Rest Stop

At a routine stop over Labor Day weekend, Molly Pulowski left the Thompson Hill rest stop angry. "Why the hell can't they find time to add an additional toilet? And the Information Desk lady - don't get me started. She didn't even have the first idea where I could take my dog for a full-body grooming on a Sunday."

Critics lately have called on the Thompson Hill rest stop for improvements. The rest stop, located at Mile 249 of I-35 in Duluth, is operated by the State of Minnesota in cooperation with local rest stop activist groups. Included in the requested upgrades are new and additional toilets in both the men's and women's rooms, where the number of toilets stands currently at 10.

"I don't know where these tourists are coming from," explained State employee Keith Noble, "they must be from Iowa or something. The Thompson Hill stop has a higher per-visitor toilet number than all the other state rest stops combined. And they're even flush toilets! The rest are generally not."

For her part, Pulowski had additional suggestions. "I don't know where they got this outdated sculpture in the overlook area. It's completely tacky - probably from the 70s. They really need to get some new art. Something up to date, at least. And the view? Why even bother. If you can't see the lift bridge, I don't see the point."

Noble believes, based on state records, that the Thompson Hill rest stop is the only area in the state where such a massive piece of art has been installed. And the view? Off the record, Noble suggested that tourists like Pulowski might as well throw themselves from the rest area. "Bitch," he said.