Tuesday, August 28

Central Entrance Psychic Incorrectly Predicts Ore Ship's Arrival

Duluth psychic Eunice O'Toole incorrectly predicted the arrival of the Edmund Fitzgerald Monday from her Central Entrance reading room. O'Toole, performing readings in the Duluth area since arriving from suburban Chicago in 1998, stated, "it has become clear to me that the ship [the Edmund Fitzgerald] will arrive at 10:19 AM on Friday, August 31."

Questioning by reporters revealed that O'Toole was completely unaware that the Edmund Fitzgerald was shipwrecked in 1976. When asked whether she thought The Duluth Shipping News would not also be a good source for ship arrivals and departures, O'Toole responded that "the words of Nostradomus ring true in all print articles," and "the news of ships reflects the permissions of Davy Jones."

Scuba divers discovered the wreck of the Fitzgerald in 1992. At the time, it appeared that the ship had sunk as a result of extensive gales of November. In 1994, however, the Canadian government released documents showing how the Fitzgerald was accidentally targeted as a renegade ship bringing supplies to secessionist parties in the province of Quebec. At the time, the Canadians were regularly firing on American vessels suspected of acting as illegal supply ships.