Monday, April 9

Under the Sea

Reports from a team of divers sent to investigate a shipwreck that was recently discovered in Lake Superior are offering further details about the ship that may help solve the mystery of how it ended up on the bottom of the Lake. According to Daniel Livingston, the chief diver, the ship "appears to have been some kind of party ship, not unlike the Vista Queen that many visitors and Duluth natives enjoy."

At a press conference held near the bay, Livingston stated that he estimates that the ship sunk sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. "Judging by the items we found on the ship and in the vicinity around the ship, I believe it went down between 1988 and 1995." Debris scattered around the site included one "Pump" sneaker, the leather tag from a pair of Z. Cavaricci jeans, a cassette tape single of the Damn Yankees' song "High Enough", a Lisa Frank stationary set, and a San Jose Sharks Starter jacket.

Many passers-by who heard Livingston's announcement formed their own theories about the shipwreck. "I know exactly what it was," said Richard Evans, a demolition derby enthusiast from Cloquet, "Pequaywanie has been able, for years, to move about from lake to lake in a way that even top scientists can't understand. (S)he took that ship down. I'm convinced of it."

Former high school student Juliet Howard, of Duluth, had an alternative theory. "From the debris they found around the ship, it's pretty safe to say that it's the classic story of a junior-high-dance-on-a-party-boat gone terribly awry. One minute you're dancing to MC Hammer, and the next thing you know, a rogue wave flips the boat right over."

Authorities say the cause of the shipwreck may never be known. It is also uncertain, at this point, whether or not the site is or will be haunted.