Wednesday, April 4

Raging for the Spade

I've heard from several people lately about The Raging Spade.

Some have said, "Where's the Raging Spade? Let's bring it back!"

Others, "What ever happened to that low-quality blog that tried to do satire but really just ended up embarassing itself?"

And finally, "Didn't they get involved in some litigation with World's Finest Chocolates?"

And it's the final question that rings most true. In October of 2006, The Raging Spade was sued by World's Finest Chocolates for libel. What World's Finest Chocolates didn't realize, however, was that The Raging Spade had bona fide evidence that World's Finest Chocolates was indeed fencing diamonds into the United States through Qatar. (The related post was removed from the blog on the advice of our legal staff.) After World's Finest Chocolates realized it didn't have a case The Raging Spade, The Raging Spade counter-sued World's Finest Chocolates. World's Finest Chocolates finally settled for $3.1 million dollars in the a counter-suit in mid-March, and since that time The Raging Spade has considered reorganizing.

What happens to a fake-news organization in the face of adversity? It's hard to say. What's clear, however, is that there is a major void that can't be filled by the likes of Perfect Duluth Day
or the boring, boring Duluth Citizen's Blog.

Do you have thoughts on what should become of The Raging Spade? Comments are appreciated.