Thursday, April 19

East End Bonanza

East Enders are cringing today at a new economic development proposal submitted by local rancher Yussef Anderson. Anderson, currently owner of a large goat ranch in Duluth township, has proposed a large ostrich ranch located within Duluth city limits.

Anderson obtained permits for the ostrich ranching from the federal government. The federal government owns the land, which stretches from 40th Avenue E. to 62nd Avenue E., between 4th and 6th Streets. Permission was granted after Anderson acquired the federal permits through an earmark in the most recent Health and Human Services Bill signed into law by President Bush late last year.

City officials have not responded to requests for comments. Off the record, two individuals associated with the City have stated that the ostrich farm is likely here to stay. No environmental review was warranted at this time.

Ostrich are prized for their long legs, used in most soups and stews across Canada. Ostrich legs are prohibited for human consumption in the US, but have long been valued across nothern regions as a method for improving lung function during winter months.