Sunday, September 25

Williamson Displays Mental Powers

Kent Williamson, a Cloquet resident born and raised, has been balding since he was about 18. He'd lost most of his hair by age 31. Williamson, however, is not taking this inevitable physiological change to his head sitting down. Now 38, Williamson has stood up, and claims, "I'll be damned if I won't just will my hair to grow back!"

Williamson believes strongly in his mental prowess. Many of his claims may seem preposterous, but hearing him tell his 'stories' gives credence to his apparent madness.

"At one point," he said, attempting to avoid the pointless blathering that often seeps into his speech, "I willed a person I disliked to make a fool of himself in public, by walking into a pole. He'd been drinking - no doubt about that. So, walking alongside the dope, I thought 'boy, I hope he walks into a pole'. I swear, not 10 seconds went by, and BAM, he hits a pole!"

"The next time it happened, I was out of the area - in Green Bay, at a casino. Now, I know how this sounds. But I willed this nice old lady to win. We'd been playing slots side-by-side all day, and she told me about her husband, the cancer, the story of her dog and a moose... well, it was just terrible. As I was leaving, I thought to myself (strongly), 'wouldn't it be great if she could only win $1,800 to put a bounty out on that moose.' And BAM, it happened as I was walking away. She won $1,810 in nickels. It was that night that it dawned on me - I could regrow my hair using my mental powers."

Local scientist Dave Smith disputes Williamson's beliefs. "There's a better chance of that Chesney fellow ending up in the White House than him regrowing any hair. Sure, some people could do it, but they'd need a really huge brain. Not only that, but their head would need to be the right shape. Williamson doesn't fit the mold."

Williamson believes he has already grown back 14 hairs. He plans to document the process with his new digital camera, and show it on his website. And, in a move already appreciated throughout Cloquet, he has completely discontinued use of spray-on hair.