Wednesday, September 21

Incident in Local Parking Lot Scary for a Minute, Then Really Funny

An area woman was scared for a brief moment this Friday at 11:30 p.m. when a man shouted, “Bitch!” from an upstairs window of a local residence.

“A friend and I were leaving another friend’s apartment at about 11:30. We stopped to talk in the parking lot. Not super loud, mind you. And this guy just shouts “Bitch!” out the window. It was clearly directed at me.”

The man’s face wasn’t seen, but his comment was unmistakable.

“He definitely yelled ‘Bitch!’” said the woman’s friend.

“It made me a little nervous at first. I didn’t want to get sniped from the upstairs of this place. So we wrapped up our conversation and headed for the car.” Once safely in the vehicle, the woman “laughed hysterically, and for a long time. It was super funny. I mean, this stranger just shouted “Bitch!” out of his window at me. Awesome.”