Sunday, August 28

Lundegaard's Top 10 Sexiest Broads of the Big Screen

Thanks to one faithful reader and an MSN reporter who shares my name, I've decided to give you MY top 10 sexiest sirens in the movie biz. If you care to contrast them, the other Eric's choices were as follows:

10) Jennifer Love Hewitt
Not only is JLH uber-hot, but she's also multi-faceted. Movies, TV, and music. She's the triple threat. If only she'd return my calls.

9) Kim Cattrall
I know the raised eyebrow faces some of you are giving me, but Kim is smokin'. And I know what a lot of you are thinking... she's not a movie star. For those people I have one word for you . . . Mannequin.

8) Jane Seymour
It's true Jane is mostly known for her role as Dr Quinn, but she has done a few movies. And let's face it, she was in the July issue of Northwest's Skymiles magazine.

7) Gillian Anderson
Some of you may be thinking, "Did he just waste a spot on Dana Sculley?" The answer is yes. But, you must remember I'm a huge, geeky, sciency nerd.

6) Vivica A. Fox
Vivica seems to always be cast with small children, thus making her my list's hot mama. Plus I had to throw a sista on the list.

5) Lindsay Lohan
Ok, before I get any "eww”s, I'd just like to say that from the movies Lindsay has been in, she's been quite attractive. I'm not counting the run down, anorexic waif you see today. See Mean Girls if you still have any doubts.

4) Tanya Roberts
A few of you may be wondering who is Tanya Roberts (although I have a feeling most of you aren’t), but Tanya was the hottest Bond girl ever. Ever, people. Not to mention she was one of Charlie's Angels. Need I say more?

3) Lucy Liu
There's something to be said about a woman who can beat the crap out of you. Lucy does that beating. Every movie she's in, she's wailing on somebody. I don’t know a single dude alive who doesn’t think that’s hot. Plus, she's got freckles.

2) Julianne Moore
Julianne is one of those women who will be beautiful forever. No need for Joan River's-esque face lifts, or implants or collagen, or what have you. Not only that, but she is easily the most talented actress on the list (sans JLH, of course).

1) Uma Thurman
Uma's been so hot in so many movies for so long I don't know where to start. The only movie she wasn't hot in was.... oh wait, there isn't one. I only hope she's getting kickbacks from the yellow jumpsuit industry for keeping their business alive.