Monday, August 8

CBS to Debut CSI:Brainerd

Hoping to build on the success of their current CSI shows, CBS has planned yet another spinoff; CSI: Brainerd. CBS president and CEO Leslie Moonves made the announcement Monday morning on CBS's Early Show. "There has been a great deal of speculation about another spinoff for the CSI series, and we simply felt no use in hiding it from our viewers any longer."

Moonves went on to discuss his excitement for the new show. "CSI already has a great fan base, obviously, but with (Brainerd) we hope to bring the highly precise, forensic, crime-solving action from Miami and New York to America's heartland. Not only that, but we hope to get a few crossover Fargo fans."

While CBS executives and producers could not be happier with the upcoming series, some Brainerd residents have mixed emotions. "That's all we need are more tourists around Brainerd," stated lifelong resident Gina Hellingsworth. "There's too many as it is with all the lakes and the racetrack and everything. Where're we gonna put everybody?"

Mayor Richard D. Anderson however was much more optimistic. "This is truly a great day for the city of Brainerd, and personally I'm not surprised that CBS decided to use our city. There are so many great locales in Brainerd to use, from the statues of Paul Bunyan to the watertower.... I mean, the posibilities are endless."

Moonves ended by discussing a few possible plot ideas. "Well, the plots will certainly be different from those of the other two shows, and really from any other police show currently on tv. There will be a wide range of stories dealing with the crimes facing rural America, but mostly it will involve hunting accidents and homicides involving farming equipment."