Wednesday, July 13

Raging Spade’s Winners: Best Pizza of 2005

Sammy’s Pizza dominates

Always the perennial favorite, Sammy’s Pizza in west Duluth won The Raging Spade’s best pizza contest for the 11th year running. Though there were no close contenders, winners in less important categories were equally impressive. Sammy’s Pizza aficionado Brian LaTour had this to say about Sammy’s: “Sammy’s has the best pizza, maybe in the world. I'm a big 1/2 pepperoni, 1/2 sausage fan. If I even think I might be going there, I start drooling like 3 hours beforehand. My girlfriend really hates going there, just for that reason.” Sammy’s, it is plain, will likely remain Duluth’s best pizza for years to come.

Best Pizza, Original Style:, Shamrock Bar. Kate Oblonsky, a frequent patron at Shamrock, says: "I heart Shamrock Pizza. Super heart. Quality cheese, delicious sauce, and the best crust in America. I could eat a whole, large Shamrock pizza, easily, by myself, in fifteen minutes. And the great Superior atmosphere - you can get right out there and shake what your Mama gave you."

Best Pizza, Iron Range: Kettle River Pizza.
Best Pizza Overall, Outstate: Checkerboard Pizza, St. Paul.
Best Pizza, Authenticity: Punch Neapolitan Pizza, St. Paul.

Domino’s Pizza was quite angry for being left off the list, and issued the following statement (which we edited): “We believe that Domino’s [disgusting cheese] is of the highest quality. Domino’s Pizza has been located in Duluth for many [unfortunate] years, providing quick [money laundering] service with a smile. At Domino’s, we believe the [most excellent] Raging Spade was erroneous[ly correct] in its choices this year – and hope that [M]omino’s receives more appropriate consideration in the future.

Pizza Lucè and Casino Pizza both received honorable mention for Best Pizza. Bulldog Pizza was also close to receiving an honorable mention, but missed it due to its ability to quickly grow semi-moldy crust just hours after coming out of the oven.