Friday, July 29

Duluth In Space

By Fatima Scheherazade

A budget shortfall of between 1 and 2 million dollars hasn't slowed Duluth's plans to be the first city in the world to build and operate a space shuttle. As more private individuals are designing prototypes for a rocket that could bring tourists into space, Duluth officials have come forward with a plan that would put the city council into orbit by 2008.

Research, design, and production of the rocket has been estimated at $300 million.

Duluth official, Richard Larson, is excited about the program. "This is something that will really put Duluth on the map, and attract businesses. Surely, once Duluth is in space, that will send a message, and we'll be able to fill up the technology building."

The space program is getting mixed reaction from the public.

Former high school student, Kate Oblonsky, is critical of the idea. "Sure, having our own rocket would be cool. But what's the point? To see what the Aquarium looks like from space?"

Ultimate frisbee aficionado, uber haskajoulua is more enthusiastic. "I think space travel would be great for Duluth. It would really be something to hold over Superior's head. And Grand Rapids...they think they're so great with their Wizard of Oz stuff..."

Testing begins on the first rocket on September 1. City officials warn citizens to expect excruciatingly loud noise.