Friday, July 22

Chicken Toe Anyone?

An unknowing patron of Pizza Luce is now suing the establishment under the pretenses that she was served an entire chicken leg, complete with a toe, in her order of buffalo wings. Molly Tjecki entered the restaurant with a group of friends celebrating a birthday. As soon as the appetizer came, they all dug in. Molly took a large bite of her favorite snack of buffalo wings and promptly pulled it out of her mouth after discovering it was hard and pointy. What she thought to be an extra bone turned out to actually, after careful scrutiny, be a toe still connected to the foot. After rushing to the lavatory to vomit, Molly called the waitress over to inform her of the disturbing extra bone. The rest of the group, many of who were laughing at Molly's unfortunate turn of events, sombered up when the waitress did nothing but take the aledged winged-toe into the kitchen and destroyed the evidence. Not before a quick thinking friend took a picture with his cell phone though. [see below] Mike Gerte grabbed his phone while Molly was visiting the ladies room and snapped a quick picture. "I'm a scrapbooker. We needed a picture of this to put in Renee's [birthday] scrapbook. I never realized it would come in handy when Molly decided to

sue, but it sure has!"

The store manager refused comment, but before he could inform his employees to remain discreet, we got a quote from Ms. Tjecki's server that evening. Julie [no last name was provided] offered her take of the eventful night saying, "Yeah, it was a toe. Or a claw, whatever you want to call it. I mean, it must have been cleaned - there wasn't, like, anything gross on it. We all had a good laugh." Pizza Luce is under surveillance by the FDA and the manufacturer of the buffalo wings closed his operation pending the July 30th trial date.