Tuesday, June 28

Two Cents Waiting for Change

uber haskajoulua, infamous for her run-in with the law following the Queen Sits On Her Throne Diamond debacle, is in the limelight once again, this time for more honorable reasons. The Spade reporter took home a 2005 Bloggie Award for "Best Calf Muscles On a Female Blogger from the Midwest, Ages 18-29." haskajoulua could not be more thrilled with the distinction.

"It's about time I got noticed for something other than my crackerjack reporting," she says. "I was becoming so pigeon-holed. I've got a body over this brain, you know."

haskajoulua says she has been working on her current calves for about 3 or 4 months.

"Flip flops!" she says, lifting up her jeans and flexing her legs. "I swear by them. The secret to great calves is wearing flip flops."

Fitness guru Tony Little has been enjoying the Spade for weeks.

"I'm crazy about heart-shaped calves!" he enthuses. "I'd follow a woman with heart-shaped calves to the ends of the earth."

Other Spade finalists in the Bloggies include Kate Oblonsky, "Sexiest Reporter in Culottes" and Antonio Chavez, "Voice of the Minority Voiceless."