Tuesday, May 31

Valleyfair To Be Bought Out

Shakopee, MN

A buy out that was rumored to be in the making for quite some time finally occurred today. Amusement park giant, Six Flags purchased the famous Twin Cities coaster park for a record $77 million. "We are extremely happy with our purchase," stated Six Flags CEO Mark Freeman. "We've been trying to purchase the park land for quite some time now, and we're really excited. This park has tremendous potential,both for Six Flags and for the residents of Minnesota and the surrounding tri-state area."

While Valleyfair and Six Flags officials are pleased with the takeover, Minnesota residents and lawmakers are not as optimistic. Senator Mark Dayton described this takeover as detrimental to the residents and businesses of Minnesota. "Six Flags is the Wal-Mart of amusement parks. Minnesota is not a Wal-Mart state and it is also, most definietly, not a Six Flags state. It is a Target state and it is a Valleyfair state. It is also a Marshall Field's state."

Despite opposition from residents and laymakers, Freeman remains optimistic about the buyout. "I think Minnesotans will come to enjoy benefits our parks have to offer. And I think they will eventually come around to love Six Flags as much as they loved Valleyfair." Freeman went on to say that the turnover should officially take place sometime next week, when the park's name will be switched to Six Flags Northern Star.