Thursday, May 26

Girl Shares World, Human Race Lucky

Somewhere in MN - A 24 year old Minnesota woman has finally decided to share her world with the rest of the beings on the planet. The woman, who for security purposes will be called "Cool & Sassy," said that it's about time the rest of the earth's population got the chance to hear her wisdom. She has decided to start a blog that will let readers see how an important person's mind operates. This reporter was able to actually speak to Cool & Sassy on the phone for 12.4 minutes. Cool & Sassy told me, "I have a lot of great things to say and share. I mean, everyone should know that the greatest place to shop is not Banana Republic, it's really J Crew. If you don't know that I feel sad for you and I want to help you." She also stated, "Sometimes when I am thinking about life and my world, I think about how great wine is and I smile. I hope everyone has a chance to taste some great Pinot Grigio this weekend." When asked what her most important revelation has been Cool & Sassy stated, "I realized that Brittney Spears is not as cool as me. I mean, her music is great and we have similar tastes and habits, but now she's all preggers and she stopped wearing cute clothes and there is no excuse for that." How true Cool & Sassy, how true.