Sunday, April 17


Jon Heder, most well known for the box-office indie hit, Napoleon Dynamite, was seen on a tour through the hall of Proctor High School last week. A source from Proctor's inner office tells us he is looking to open enroll his only child, Ezekial, into PHS's class of 2021. According to close friends of Jon he "just wants his kid to have a simple life - and they [Jon and family] want to be able to keep a home in a town that supports religious diversity". Jon has heard tell of the families that move in and begin their own churches in make-shift 'holy' pole barns, and he's hoping to start a following with the Mormon faith in Duluth. The 26 year old is not remotely done with his acting career, and thusfar he has no intentions of permanently moving up north, but if he ever does make the big move - Proctor High allowing his son in would be, in his words, "pretty fricken sweet".