Sunday, April 24

A Shoe is a Shoe

The Cherokee shoe manufacturing company, longtime leader in the footwear industry, is coming out with a line that will further solidify their position as the "sole" footwear company of choice. Nine out of ten podiatrists agree that the "Mini Seeing Eye Horse" line of tennis shoes is the best of its kind.

"I conceived the idea observing my niece Danielle's mini horse, Skippy, around their cottage," says Cherokee engineer Maury Singleton. "The adorable cherub was a Godsend, but his little hooves kept scratching the hardwood floors." Singleton experimented for awhile with everything from cut up tennis balls to sweatsocks, but says that "Skippy would slip and fall everytime he began to gallop. Then I thought to myself, 'Self, people wear sneakers. Why can't horses, let alone mini ones?"

The new Cherokee shoe line is called the "4-H Excalibur Air." The shoes come in velcro or tie form, with non-skid soles and an air circulation system that operates from an oat-shaped pump on the tongue. The shoe comes in white, black, and mother of pearl.