Wednesday, April 20

Pat Benatar Takes on Sin City

Pat Benatar filed suit against the producers of the movie Sin City this week. The 1980s music superstar claims the plot of the movie was stolen from her 1983 video "Love is a Battlefield."

Benatar's video tells the story of who left home to become a prostitute and wear hideous 80s punk/prostitute clothes. The girl takes refuge in a seedy bar with a score of similarly situated prostitutes and participates in a spontaneous, yet perfectly choreographed, dance utilizing a great amount of shoulder action. When a pimp/mobster/goon comes to cause trouble, the prostitutes shoulder dance him right out of town, proving just how much protection and pride can be had by being a member of a shoulder-dancing pack of prostitutes.

In the 2005 film, Sin City, a section of the city called "Old Town" is run by a hierarchy of prostitutes. When a thug comes to kill their leader, a band of prostitutes rallies together to shoot him 8,237 times, thus illustrating that nothing is more glamorous and kick-ass than joining a militant prostitute gang.

Producers of the film say they will defend the suit. Says one, "There is nothing original about prostitutes with high self esteem, not taking crap from anyone, looking out for each other to protect their way of life."

Lawyers for Benatar had no comment. The case is set to be heard in late May.