Sunday, April 24

Local Teen Explores New Career Path

A Duluth teen devised a new plan for her future after a Friday night showing of Sin City at a local theater. Amber King, who was contemplating attending a state university or tech school in the fall, is now considering another option, specifically, the lucrative world of prostitution.

“It never occurred to me to go into the prostitution business. It always seemed kind of sceevy and gross. I never knew that it’s really an occupation for beautiful people with great hygiene. I mean, it can't be that bad if Rory Gilmore would do it. And Clive Owen is so hot! Plus, I could get a really sweet vintage convertible.”

Sin City is being lauded by sociologists for its accurate portrayal of prostitutes. “People have this stereotype that hookers are all misunderstood, tough-on-the-outside girls with hearts of gold – like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. The truth of the matter is that most prostitutes are business minded, empowered, no-nonsense pragmatists,” says Dr. William Green.