Saturday, March 5

World's Finest?

This story has been removed by the Editor at the Request of Tyler Jeffrey, Vice President of Marketing at World's Finest Chocolates. Mr. Jeffrey sent the Editor
a harassing email regarding this article by the fine writer uber haskajuola. He claimed that the story was completely false.

Of course the story is completely false! Every single story on this Blog is completely false. It is not only common knowledge that stories on blogs are not to be believed, but that the Raging Spade is a local parody-oriented publication located in Duluth, Minnesota.

World's Finest Chocolates are sold by groups seeking to earn money. The Raging Spade urges you to boycott any groups selling World's Finest Chocolates, as they are not only of poor quality (in our opinion, of course) but are also sold by a ridiculous, web-surfing, time-wasting company.