Thursday, March 3

SnoCross Facing Tough Accusations

Billings, Montana

The World Snowmobile Association's (WSA) premiere series, SnoCross, is facing tough accusations this week against its top riders. An anonymous source last week told the Billings Gazette that superstars Blair Morgan, Tucker Hibbert, and Shaun Crapo frequently used steroids over the last 8 years. The accusations couldn't have come at a worse time for the WSA, which is in the midst of their regular season and right after a very successful Winter X-Games.

Professional SnoCross racer and Duluth native Dennis "D.J." Eckstrom spoke out about the controversy yesterday. "While I don't approve of the negative press this will bring to SnoCross, I am curious about the accusations. I'm not personally accusing them of anything, but they have dominated this sport for almost a decade now. I mean really, how can they be so much better than me? I was driving a Kitty Cat when I was 6 years old."

Eckstrom went on to say that whether or not the accusations are true, the bad press can only have negative setbacks for WSA and SnoCross. "This is really, really bad publicitiy for the sport. Before, there were kids and dads who knew us in every suburb in America. I mean, if the sport isn't careful, the only fans we'll have left will be teenage boys and middle aged men from the upper-Midwest and Canada."

While non of the accused racers would agree to speak with The Spade on the subject, we did receive this message from one of their publicists. "SnoCross has never had a drug testing policy, and we hope they keep it that way. There is no reason to tarnish our sport with ridiculous lies. The only questionable act our program ever did was put a V12 engine in between two skis and a vinyl seat. And if that's illegal by all means arrest us."

WSA CEO Scott O'Malley issued this press statement. "SnoCross has and will maintain the itegrity of our sport. We will continue to generate fine athletes and drivers, with only the highest moral qualities. Please don't resort to NASCAR."

O'Malley finished by saying, "This is a black day for professional snowmobile racing. As black as the wonderful products from our great sponsor, AMSOil."