Wednesday, February 2

Wilderness Man Wants School

Duluthian Kip Wilson wants to start a wilderness-based charter school based solely on fishing. Wilson's proposed school would have a unique curriculum, all based on fishing. Students would learn the biology of fish. Math courses would revolve solely around the weight of fish and the thickness of ice versus car weight. Physics courses would involve the strength of fishing line and how a fish moves through water. Reading and English courses would involve reading fiction and non-fiction regarding fish. Finally, language courses will revolve around speaking French, because, in the words of Wilson, "It's the language of fish."

Wilson expects to open his fishing school in September of 2005 somewhere in Duluth - wherever a good location can be found. The most important quality? Its proximity to fish bearing water. "I got to Duluth last year, from da' Range. I was a little disappointed by the lack of fish-oriented curriculum in the Duluth schools, and I think this would be a great way for kids to learn to fish. I think one day we'll have cooking courses for different types of fish, too." Wilson does not plan to offer art or music classes.

Wilson, 43, is formerly of Hoyt Lakes. Wilson just completed a 5-year stint aboard a ore-bearing laker, and purportedly loves to fish. He has not disclosed his teaching credentials nor whether he plans to hire additional teaching staff. The school, when fully open, will offer classes to students grades K-10.