Saturday, February 12

We Built This City

Everyone in Proctorland is a-buzzin about this month's Winter Carnival. Dubbed the "Mardi Gras of the north," the Winter Carnival has been a beloved Proctor tradition the last four years. "It's just a time of real comradery, don't ya know?" enthuses "Proctor's February Rockin' Carnival Jubilee 2005" Coordinator Janice Okstad. "It's a time for people to really set aside whatever they're doing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, whatever, and reach out and love the people of this community." The theme for "Proctor's February Rockin' Carnival Jubilee 2005" is "Wild West Town." "All the shops on Main Street, you know, the Equalizer, Appleseed Variety Store, the pet shop, the Hardware Hank, the 27 bars, they're all being decorated in a Wild West town style," says Olsen. Healthcare Coordinator Tammi Koski says the Superior Health Care Proctor Clinic is even getting into the spirit of the season. "We installed swinging doors, the kind where you can see a person's boots and hat, at the clinic," says Koski. "No reason why healthcare can't be fun." This carnival's events include a chili cook-off, ugly snowmobile competition, and an ice sculpture contest. Brent Heikkaleinin, winner of last year's sculpture contest for his carving of Garry Bjorklund in snow skis, will be acting as this year's Master of Ceremonies. "Come on out der and join us," Heikkaleinin encourages. "There's a place for you in Proctor." Festivities kick off at the Proctor Milk House on February 18.