Thursday, February 17

Trying Times for New Director

Lucien Henry has been named Duluth’s new intelligence director. The announcement came this week after months of indecision and debate. Henry, according to City Hall, was the most qualified candidate.

The most pressing concern for the new director will be the tense relations between Duluth and Superior, Wisconsin. Recent reports of an explosives cache buried beneath Barkers Island Inn have stirred age-old tensions between the two cities.

Sources within Duluth’s intelligence department have confirmed that its agents infiltrated Barkers Island three months ago, where they discovered approximately 300 large wooden barrels filled with gunpowder. Superior officials have denied the existence of such a cache, and called the accusations “ridiculous.”

Henry has stated that his first priority upon taking office will be to build up Duluth’s amphibious squadrons in the event that Superior's militia destroys the bridges that connect the cities. Well trained amphibious squadrons would be able to quickly cross the water and engage in battle.

Lucien Henry will be sworn in on Tuesday.