Monday, February 7

Topical Assignments

Writers: You have spoken. The Spade will immediately begin its investigative work.

Assignments are as follows:
Police Corruption: Lankur
Tourist Scams: Freising
Media Corruption: uber
Prostitution: Lundegaard
Corruption of Elected Officials: Auro
Medical Corruption: Oblonsky
Narcotics: Wayles
Payola/Development: Freising

Sorry about giving you two assignments, Freising.

There's no need to begin working on this immediately. This is to be bold, investigative work, and it shouldn't distract you from or act as a substitute for your regular reporting. This is the real stuff. When a police officer offers a hooker confiscated drugs in exchange for sex, Lankur, Wayles, and Lundegaard should be there. When a developer hands a Council member an envelope full of hundreds, Auro & Freising should be there. When a doctor cuts open a woman's skull and was supposed to do cosmetic surgery on her stomach, Oblonsky should be there. When a news anchor lies about the next morning's weather to help his buddy sell shovels, Uber should be there. Staff, weren't not joking around about this stuff. It is high time Duluth gets this kind of coverage. The News Trib isn't going to cover it. The Reader Weekly isn't going to cover it. With this mandate, The Raging Spade will begin its dominance of hard-hitting local news. And if there are readers interested in doing some investigative work, we invite you to submit a request to join the staff.