Thursday, February 3

New Name Possible for Duluth Landmark

   A city official is proposing a change for Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge. “The Aerial Lift Bridge is an extraordinarily dull name. It’s not a proper name at all – it’s a basic description. I mean, it’s like calling Old Faithful, Water-Spouting Hole in the Ground. Or Mount Rushmore, Giant Gray Rock with Faces," stated the official.
   A special committee is being put together to consider the feasibility of renaming the bridge and create suggestions to be put to Duluth citizens in a referendum. So far, the committee has presented several ideas for a new name. Suggestions include: Super-Fantastika; Thomas Livingston; Snowball; and Kick-ass Canal Crossing.
   The committee is accepting further suggestions on a possible name from the public. An official committee report will be released in March.