Tuesday, February 15

Local 'Zam' Driver in the Hotseat

Charges are being pressed against zamboni driver Charlie Marks for alleged theft. In a statement released Sunday by Duluth Denfeld, the school said that they will be 'throwing the book' at the man who has been cleaning their ice for thirty years. “We knew that our revenue should have been higher than it was this season. We just couldn’t figure out what was going on” assistant coach Denny Fever reported. “It wasn’t until our regular ticket taker, Genie, let slip that Charlie would sit and talk in the ticket booth with her that we thought foul play.” It wasn't long before the school called a meeting with Charlie and brought their accusation to the table. The 72-year-old man quickly admitted everything. Charlie was released from the Duluth Courthouse yesterday on a $500.00 bail. He had no comment for the Spade.