Sunday, February 6

Letters to the Spade

Looks like we're not doing enough to fight corruption - Writers, is it time to get serious? Judge for yourself.
Hello, While I was sad to read of the temporary lapse of the Ripsaw, I was greatly encouraged to read of the Raging Spade. (dnt 2/5/05). What particularly caught my eye was your interest in "rooting out corruption". I have scanned many of the Spade blog postings and haven't found anything relating to existing corruption in Duluth. There are many examples out there.

A question I would have for you and interested readers is what could be done with the information to cause some concrete results, some change for this city? Will merely publishing the information bring about change. I don't think so. Not at first anyway.

The problem we have in Duluth is that our version of "Minnesota Nice" is to keep your mouth shut and smile if you want to keep your job or keep your customers. We don't take well to airing soiled laundry in public. Generally the reaction is to flat out deny that the laundry is dirty and then very quietly when no one is looking, head to the laundromat.

Signed, BF