Tuesday, February 8

Incident at The Chalet

While performing with his band, "Super Electric," at The Chalet last Wednesday night, drummer Donny Styles got the shock of his life. Just as he hit the hi-hat his drum stick split in half, one end remained in his hand while the other end jabbed right in the middle of his forehead. Styles said, "My first reaction was 'sh*t, that was my last stick' but then I realized the rest had done stuck in my face, and I realized that I was finally a rock god." Concert goer Misty Henderson witnessed the event and claimed, "That was the coolest thing I ever seen, better than when my boyfriend threw the cat at the TV and it ended up going out the second story window." Bar manager Layne Watts said that Styles wasn't seriously hurt in the incident and Super Electric was able to finish their set. He also reminded customers that Thursday is Taco night at The Chalet.