Saturday, February 5

Editorial: ATV Use

All Terrain Vehicles, or ATV's, are great. They are a good way to get from place to place - especially if you have to cross a river or mountainous terrain to get there. In the Duluth-Superior area, we have all kinds of that.

I propose banning cars from Duluth's streets. Then, to solve the budget problems, we could stop maintaining streets, and just use ATV's to get around. They're fast, safe, and work in all kinds of weather. Better yet, we could just use snowmobiles once snow fell. It would save all kinds of money on salt for the roads.

I don't know why we keep paving roads and pouring money down the proverbial drain when we could just start using ATV's all the time. Sure, people might be a little bit more wind-blown when they get to work, but everyone would - so it wouldn't be a big deal. And if this plan doesn't work, couldn't we at least start being allowed to use ATV's on sidewalks? No good government official would continue this endless tirade against the most practical form of transportation available today. Let's bring ATV's back to the mainstream, where they belong.