Wednesday, February 16

DECC Finalist for International Prize

The DECC, long regarded Duluth's white albatross on the shores of Lake Superior, is a finalist for international accolades.

The international contest for "Best Convention Center in a Freshwater Waterfront Setting" has entered its final round. The DECC enters the final round a favorite for the eventual championship. The primary challengers are Ghana's Salaga Convention Center on Lake Volta and Russia's Cherepovets Convention Center on Lake Rybinskoye.

The winner will be announced on March 12th. A traveling championship trophy will be awarded to the winning facility. The criteria upon which each convention center is judged include number of possible activities, accessibility, and cultural awareness. The DECC's frequent Turkish-related events are cited as its key strength.

Last year's winner, Ontario's Oshawa Convention Center on Lake Huron, was an early frontrunner, but was disqualified from the contest because of a lewd midget-tossing event held there late last year.