Thursday, February 10


First of all, I'd like to apologize to the staff and the readers for being away so long. I was on sabbatical in Medellin, Colombia. Secondly, I'd like to voice my outrage at the Duluth News Tribune for their "tidbit" on the Aerial Lift Bridge that so closely relates to the article and idea proposed by the lovely Miss Oblonsky. While I see that my comrade, Mr. Friesing has already issued the DNT a letter, I urge the staff and our faithful readers to do more. I'd like for everyone submitting an entry to our contest to also submit an entry to the Stolen Idea Contest, especially our staff writers, since we cannot, in fairness, compete in our own contest. I'm submitting mine, along with this photo (which I encourage everyone to use) to Amy Weidman at . Hopefully one of us will win and the truth will be known.

"Thomas F. McGilvray makes Filippo Brunelleschi look like a tinker toy builder!"