Thursday, February 17

Another Sad Day for Hockey

Last night I wept a solitary tear. I wept for the void created in my heart where a major part of the game I love was taken from me. At the age of 12 I traded all of the magic and wonders that pro sports were for cold hard facts of the business world, and unfortunately, there are no trade-backs. All of the greed aside, I will still miss it. It could be the most beautiful thing in the world to watch. The ranks included some of the greatest athletes in the world. Their performances and moves left me awe struck so many times over the years. They provided me with so much entertainment, and even a little bit of knowledge.

Later on last night, I laced up my skates and hit the ice with a group of friends. We hustled and left everything we had on the ice. When the Zamboni driver finally opened the doors, we all left smiling knowing that we will play again in a couple days. It may not have been the most beautiful game of hockey, but to me, I still get to keep the game I love.