Monday, January 10

Woman Startled

A Minnesota woman was startled when she walked out her front door to find a man standing on her porch. "I was on my way out to watch the Vikings trounce the Packers at a friend's place. I guess I must have been looking down when I opened the door, because as I stepped out onto the porch and started to turn to lock the door, I noticed a man standing on the porch. Just standing there," said the woman. "It's not even a big porch. It's really small, actually."

As it happens, the man was not a killer. "I was really startled at first. I startle easily. And hilariously. I bet my face would have been really funny. But I couldn't see it. I guess it really wouldn't have been funny if he attacked me. As it happens though, it was just my landlord's lackey waiting to show the upstairs apartment to someone."

Asked if the incident will change the way she walks out her front door in the future, the woman said, "Well, maybe. I mean, if it was a clown or a centaur or a ninja instead of a lackey, I might not be here today. I surely wouldn't."