Tuesday, January 18

Weather Prompts Some to Move

The recent cool wave, highlighted by a reading of -54 degrees F in Embarrass, has prompted some residents to move to better locations. Mrs. Lundegaard, an elderly local woman, used to reside at 720 W. 2nd Street. "I just couldn't take the weather there," she muttered, and then continued. "Cold, bitter, snow, ice...well, I had to move. I found an okay place where the weather should be much nicer." Mrs. Lundegaard is moving to 4230 Regent Street on the East End.

Mrs. Lundegaard became quite excited when asked about her new residence. "The weather's so much more predictable now. When I expect cold, I get cold - not cool, not artic. Cold." Mrs. Lundegaard then proceeded to do a snow dance, round and round her living room. Promptly forgetting that she did so, she quickly changed the topic to her relatively small, but growing, goiter.

One landlord believes the shift to the East End might be a good thing for the residents. "Truly, the weather is more predictable over there. Without some regulation, these old folks probably won't last long."