Tuesday, January 11

Two Harbors Woman Happy for Wilson

Two Harbors resident, Betsy Larson, 52, is very pleased with the way Carnie Wilson is looking lately. "I was so worried for her for so long", Larson stated. "I was watching Oprah a few weeks ago and I saw Carnie on there and she just looked so great. I remember when she had that stomach surgery to make her skinnier, but I hadn't really heard much about her since. I was just so impressed at how skinny she is. I mean geez, she's smaller than me now!"

Larson went on to discuss how much she feared for Carnie over the last 10 years. "I remember praying for Carnie every night before I went to bed. I just kepth thinking, 'Carnie, I know that there is pain, but you need to hold on for one more day.' I think that all my positive thinking and praying may have helped Carnie lose all that weight. Either that or her surgery."

Wilson is not the first celebrity who's weight Larson has worried over. According to friends and family members Larson has had similar fears for celebs like Sarah Feguson, Matthew Perry, and Collin Ventrella.