Saturday, January 15

Proctor is Dying

Proctor is dying. No one can argue that. They how and the why of its death, however, are in contention. It might be just that no one cares about the City anymore. Maybe they never did - any city that gets it start as a pure company town could face the same pressure. It could be the slow diminution of the railroad, but probably not. That's been a foregone conclusion for a long time. More than likely, it is happening because of factors out of our hands. That's frustrating, because here is this place where people have had those rare moments of pure adrenaline and great sadness, have prospered, suffered, lived, and died, and it's going to waste. The community is slowing letting go of its biggest investments of both the physical and personal kind.

It's a shame, and I guess that's all you can say. And a barren residential community is all that's going to follow.