Monday, January 31

Pequaywanie Musical Underway

Everybody's fave lake monster is lacing up his tap shoes and hittin' the stage. "The Best Little Bordello in North Star Township" is set to premiere next month at the Rice Lake Town Hall. Set in the turn of the 20th century, the musical spotlights a simple Pequaywan Lake logging community and their 2,000 pound secret. "I hope it proves to be reminiscent of a classic Broadway musical, a throwback to the old days," enthuses the play's director, Jeb Tossey. Starring Broadway veteran Nathan Lane as "Big-haired Woman" and Eileen Quinn as "The Hester Prynn Eyed Dog," the show features 11 original musical numbers, including "Lake Monster Pequaywanie" and "At the Pequaywan Tavern." Pequaywanie, the lovable green, 35 foot oaf that he is, will be puppeteered by 16 actors working together inside a Pequaywanie suit. "Will Pequaywanie be cutting a rug, dancing a few steps?" Tossey laughs. "Oh, you won't be disappointed." Ticket prices for "The Best Little Bordello in North Star Township" run from $45-75, $76 if you want a hamburger.