Monday, January 24

Pangea Responsible For Inter-Family Relations

A local grad student is publishing an earth-shaking, literally, thesis about the commonwealth of Munger, MN. Dabnis Brickey, a graduate student in the Earth Science program at Fond Du Lac Tribal and Community College has theorized that Munger was deposited here quite supernaturally during the shifting and developing of continents known as Pangea. "It has never really made sense why the socio-economic makeup of Munger is strikingly different from its surrounding communities, metropoli such as Proctor, Pike Lake, Twig, Branch, and so on and so forth," Brickey says. "I have come to the educated conclusion that Munger was once a part of West Virginia, more specifically, Appalachia." Brickey explains that this is the reason for the abundance of incestuous relationships and jug band hoe downs at the Town Hall. Excerpts of Brickey's thesis, "We Need A Few More Rednecks: The Techtonic Relocation of Appalachia" will be published in future editions of the Raging Spade.