Tuesday, January 4

Nascar in Duluth

Duluth needs Nascar. Nascar needs Duluth. So why not? The only thing preventing Nascar from coming to Duluth is those damn dirty hippies. There's been lots of talk about putting a golf course at Spirit Mountain. I think a Nascar track, from 1 to 2.5 miles in length, would be a great fit for Spirit Mountain. Nascar is getting more popular, while golf is getting less popular. Plus, it might help us get more support from the President. Everyone knows that G.W. is a huge Nascar fan! I'm sure it would also help the local beer market, which could use a boost. People always say Duluth is about the boats. I say it's about the cars! The Nas-cars! There's lots of people who agree with me, too. Cars are sweet, that's what I always say. The louder the better.