Monday, January 31

Local Girl Gets Lost En Route to Pequaywan Musical

by Micky O'Shea

"Arrgggghh!!! Why are they doing this to me?!?! Where is this place? Those guys totally gave me the wrong directions!!! It says to stay on Normana Rd... but there's two freakin' Normana Roads!!!

"Grrraarrrghh!!! I'm gonna squash those guys!! Why didn't they tell me to go to the right place! Wait, is that it? I think this is the place, but how come nobody's here??? They probably told everyone I was coming and everyone took off. 'Oooh, look out, Micky's coming, I don't like her, none of us do, let's leave and have the play somewhere else.' That's probably what they said. They probaly moved the play somewhere else after they found out I was coming so they wouldn't have to hang out with me. It's all politics.

"Roooaarrr!!! I'm not gonna talk to them until they apologize for this. Stupid jerks!"