Wednesday, January 26

Kitchen Accident Nearly Turns Deadly

A minor kitchen accident on Tuesday left an area man thankful to escape with his life. Diego Moreno suffered a small cut to his finger while cutting the stems off of some strawberries. “It started bleeding a little bit. If I had severe hemophilia, I could possibly have bled to death. It’s scary.”

“There was absolutely nothing life-threatening about this injury.” Dr. Thomas Van Deelen responded. “No danger whatsoever. It was a minor cut that required a small band-aid for the 8 - 10 minutes that the cut bled. Even if Mr. Moreno had hemophilia, a minor injury like this would not have been life-threatening in the least.”

For his part, Mr. Moreno is grateful. “I’m just happy to be alive. I mean, who knows if my mother came from some inbred European monarchs?”