Saturday, January 8

How do they make movies about ninjas?

How are they able to film movies about ninjas if they are so stealthy? That is the question I have asked myself for as long as movies about ninja’s have been around. I mean, did Haru, the great white ninja, slow down to let them film Beverly Hills Ninja? I mean come on; Haru has to be the quickest ninja that ever walked this earth. Have they invented some sort of time shifting camera? I really hope that they pay the fine ninjas to let their presence be known to the world. I mean, all those kids in the Three Ninja Franchise can never be incognito again. Their true face has been revealed to all. I am also concerned for the W.O.O.F.N., The World Organization for Free Ninjas. I really hope that they are compensated from these films. I mean, how else are they going to pay for the pension plan for past their prime ninjas? If any one can help me out, please do.