Tuesday, January 25

Fierce Weather Descends on Duluth

(St. Paul)

The latest reports from the State Weather Service (SWS) indicate that a nasty Mongolian Dry Line is bearing down on the region. This type of Mongolian Front is unusual in the Midwest, but will have significant effects in Duluth because of its proximity to Lake Superior.

Mongolian Dry Lines have been rare during the past several decades. They are characterized by a type of hail resulting from swirling winds and the mixing of cold and freezing temperatures. Hail found in Mongolian Dry Lines is typically shaped like a knife, and can range from 1 – 3” in diameter and 4 – 6” in length. The SWS will issue weather advisories as the storm approaches. The hail resulting from this storm may puncture roofs, car windows, and skin. The SWS advises that affected residents wear leather clothing should they need to go outdoors. The SWS also advises that residents in the Duluth area stock up on protective leather headwear.