Monday, January 31

Drug Mules Present Problem to US Agents

Sources report that the Drug Enforcement Administration is currently investigating another possible instrumentality of drug trafficking. According to reports, DEA officials are tracking the movements of dozens of mules, which they believe may be acting as drug mules. According to DEA Agent Emile Quincampoix, the mules began their journey near Medellin in Colombia and have traveled through Panama, Costa Rica, and have recently entered Nicaragua. According to Quincampoix, it is somewhat unorthodox to use actual mules as drug mules, though drug cartels are constantly inventing new ways to move quantities of drugs across borders. Unnamed sources at the DEA suspect that the slow pace the mules are employing is actually a tactic to divert interest and suspicion in the mules. Agents do plan to continue to track the mules' slow, meandering, rambling progress, however. “In a few months, they could reach Mexico. From there, the next stop is the United States,” says Quincampoix. “Should the mules reach our border, we will conduct a thorough search, as we always do to prevent drug mules like these mules from bringing drugs into the US.”