Sunday, January 16

Dance Revolution

Dance Revolution for the Xbox is sweeping the nation, accoring to a recent report in The Proctor Financial Times. There, Julio Jaquez is quoted as saying "I played it until I fell over. I sweat so much, I think I lost 10 pounds. And it was fun, pure fun. It doesn't take any great skill, you just need two legs. Actually, you only need one leg. They're coming out with a version for amputees."

When asked whether the game was catching on among his peers, Jaquez exclaimed that "Everyone's playing. My parents even wanted in on the action, but I told them to take it easy. Dad's pretty arthritic. My friends think the game is better than playing with an assegai, which is a slender javelin or spear of the Bantu-speaking people of southern Africa!"

This trend isn't being ignored by investors. Friday, the stock of Dance Revolution soared as thousands of copies flew from the shelves. Analysts expect slow sales on Monday, because most people will be extra tired from the many hours spent dancing over the weekend.