Monday, January 10


Yes, I have arrived, and I am sorry for not being prompt. I seem to have my own concept of time, which is not an unfamiliar idea. There are many things that I have to say.

First: The mission of this blog will have to be changed if you hope to have my continued contribution (and logically you do, because I am quite kick-ass). The only service I will be providing to Duluth's freaky-ass child murdering population will be a ninja-induced head removal and the sweet totally insane guitar wailing that always accompanies such ninja acts. I demand that this be changed at once, and I expect results.

Second: The Packers lost today, thus culminating my most disappointing football season in recent memory. All of my teams sucked, and God hates me.

Third: I have chosen Erik Lundegaard as my nemesis. Screw you, Erik Lundegaard.

Fourth: The ultimate source of ninja knowledge on the web seems to have disappeared. This will give you a short overview, however: The moral of the story is, the 3 Ninjas blew. They were pansy little wannabees, and I'm confident that when they reached the age of 18, they were all summarily torn up by ninjas, because ninjas are too honorable to kill little kids, except when it's necessary. If you disagree with me, I would be careful, because ninja will probably cut your face up real nice, and then wail hard on his guitar.

That is all for now. Again, I expect the mission of the blog to be changed. Until then, I will be busy hating Erik Lundegaard, what a poseur.