Sunday, August 7

Home Condemned In Munger

Munger, MN - A Munger residence which was overrun with cats has been condemned by the Department of Health and Safety. The legal notice was posted at 9 AM this morning, giving homeowner, 42 year old Jessye Dixon, 24 hours to leave the premises.

The house was brought to attention by neighbor Carol Oates of Shoberg Road. Oates said, "Whenever I's went out to picks me some vittles outta da garden over der, I'd always smell da stinkiest stench comin' my way from across da road. I knew dat lady had a bunch of them cats, but I didn't guess that many!"

After Oates called the Midway First Responders (Midway and Munger lack municipal police protection), they visited the home and spoke with Ms. Dixon. Upon seeing dozens and dozens of cats roaming around the feces filled home, the responder called the county sheriff.

The County Animal Rescue Squad has been working at the Dixon property since yesterday and as of press time had already removed 127 felines from the quaint 2 bedroom bungalow.

Cherese Rupel, Animal Rescue Squad Leader, reported that "cats were even found inside of the walls after clawing through the sheetrock...all of the cats found are getting checked by local vets to get an idea of their level of health. No cats appear to be rabid."

Dixon, a hermit, was not available for comment.